Cortland, IL

General Questions

What are "Townships" and what do they do?

Township government was established by law and is one of the oldest forms of government in the State of Illinois.  This branch of local government first adopted it's township laws in 1874. Township government is the most fundamental "grassroots" level of local control and administration in our bureaucratic society today. We are the form of government that is closest to the people. Townships provide valuable services, assistance with County Home placement, general assistance, road maintenance and tax assistance.


What departments and employees are associated with the Township?

Cortland Township consists of Administration Office, Assessor Office and Road District Department.  The Administration contains the elected officials for the Township Board and the Clerk for the Township Board.  The "Township Board" consists of the Supervisor and 4 Trustee seats. The Assessor Office has an elected Assessor and a part time employee.  Road District Department has an elected Road Commissioner, 1 full time employee, 1 part-time employee and seasonal help as needed.  We are all located in the Township Building located at 14 S. Prairie St., Cortland, IL.


What are the responsibilities of the Administration?

The township supervisoris the chief executive officer of the township as well as the supervisor of General Assistance and chairman of the monthly township board meetings.  The supervisor is responsible for numerous financial responsibilities and managing the day-to-day operation of the office.
The trustees oversee the expenditure of public funds in the township verifying they are appropriate charges and taken from the correct accounts.

Together the Board certify tax levies, adopt the annual budget and the appropriation ordinances for the township, general assistance, and the road and bridge funds.

The townshipclerk is required to notify the public of meetings, keep accurate records of all meetings, call for and record votes for all necessary items, and transports  the required records and documents to the county clerks office in a timely matter. Keeps all records of the town, except for general assistance cases. The clerk is the township election authority to accept petitions and referendums and administering oaths to the elected officers. 


What roads do the Road District Department take care of?

The Road District takes care of improving roadways, snow removal, mowing of ditches and tree removal. 

Old State Rd. from Sycamore Twp. line to County Line Rd 1.9 miles

Hillside Rd. from Airport West to Dead End in the Swanson's Airport Subdivision .12 miles

Quigley Rd. from Airport to Lovell  1.51 miles

Bethany Rd from Sycamore city limits .34 miles West of Somonauk, .25 miles East of Somonauk and 2.42 miles to Quigly

Barber Greene Rd. from Cortland city limits to E County Line Rd. 4.18 miles

Pleasant St. from Cortland city limits to E County Line Rd. (E of Somonauk) 3.93 miles

Maple Park Rd. from Airport to Cortland Village Limits.14 miles, Cortland Village limits to Pritchard .75 miles and Pritchard to E. County Line Rd. 1.02 miles

Fairview Rd. from Webster to Somonauk Rd. 1.33 miles

Gurler Rd. from Webster to Lynch .33 miles and 0.6 miles west of Chase to Hinckley Rd. 1.46 miles

County Farm Rd. from Peace Rd. to Pleasant St. (East) .26 miles

Pleasant St. (E) south to City of DeKalb jurisdiction .37 miles

Hahn Dr. .23 miles

Fenstermaker Rd. from Bethany to Pleasant 2.17 miles

Chase Rd. from Rt. 38 to tollway .40 miles and tollway to Gurler .44 miles

Airport Rd. from Sycamore Twp. line to Cortland Village limits 4.37 miles and Maple Park Rd. to Rt. 38 .51 miles

Hinckley Rd. from Rt. 38 to Gurler Rd. .97 miles

Lovell Rd. from Old State to Barber Greene Rd. 1.88 miles

Henderson Rd. from Sycamore Twp. line to Old State Rd. .22 miles

Hartman Rd. from Oak Lane to Pleasant 1.03 miles

Oak Lane from Barber Greene South to dead end 1.76 miles *Oak Lane Rd.North of Barber Greene Rd. is a private road.

Pritchard Rd. from Pierce Twp line North to dead end 1 mile

Larson Rd. from Old State to Barber Greene 2.01 miles

Mt. Hunger Rd from Sycamore Twp. line to Old State .35 miles

E. County Line Rd. from Old State to Rt.64 .27 miles




"Of the People,

By the People,

For the People"

Abraham Lincoln