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Your Elected Township Officials

Worth A Thousand Words

The overall body of Township Government was established on November 6, 1849.  Cortland Township was originally named Richland and then was changed to Pampas on November 20, 1850 and once again renamed Cortland Township on February 1, 1865.  Our Cortland Township Community measures 36 sq miles.  We are made up of residents that reside in the Town of Cortland, City of Sycamore, Village of Maple Park and City of DeKalb.  We are currently 1 out of 19 townships within DeKalb County.

We do not duplicate services rendered by towns, villages, cities, county or state.  It is our duty to fulfill the responsibility of putting your tax dollars to work for YOU in the most cost effective way!  After all, this is YOUR building, YOUR offices and YOUR equipment we maintain and operate in to serve YOU, our Cortland Township neighbors.

Supervisor            DaNee Walker
Road Commissioner  Gaylord Lockwood
Assessor              Melody Birdsell
Clerk                 Ann Swedberg
Trustees               Diane Bechle
                        Jeff Sabin
                        Denise Setchell
                        Steve Ward


Our Township Community

Cortland, IL

Cortland Township performs three mandatory functions by law:

* Administering General Assistance Program to qualifying residents

* Maintaining township road district highways and bridges

* Appraising property values

Beyond these duties, we are here to help and provide you with further assistance with in our ability.  Be it help involving County Home Placement or just needing additional information on our area, we are dedicated to fulfilling these duties and services to our Cortland Township Community.


Our commitment to you